Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya: Survivor
"A country that does not know its past has no future"

About this project..

This page is based on the Wikipedia article Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya.

My goal in the project is to convey a feeling about the time in Russian history when Stalin was effecting sweeping changes upon the people he ruled. There was a monumental chasm between Stalin's quest for industrialization and the simple country people he used in the carrying out of his ambitions. Industrialization and world conquest were thrust upon the people. The cost in human suffering and loss of life was unequaled in history.

Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya's drawings reflect the heart of a simple people trying to survive displacement and devastation in a totalitarian society in which they have lost all power and autonomy and have no hope of regaining it. Millions died. Kersnovskaya tells the story of one who survived.

This narrative also borrows information from, a website dedicated exclusively to Kersnovskaya's life.

The narrative project required that I use an existing Wikipedia article and embellish it such that the narrative would be more compelling.The exact instructions were:

"For this project , you will format and design a Wikipedia article of your choice. The purpose of the project is to use html and css to present the content of the wikipedia article as an engaging narrative experience for the user.  To do this, you must use design principles–layout, color, typography, texture and imagery–as well as narrative design principles–navigation architecture, chunking and closure–to guide the user’s cognitive and emotional engagement with the material."

If you enjoyed my article, please learn more about this remarkable woman at the website created by her heirs at

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